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The Local Series: men and history of our abbey

– A Short History of Guadalupe Abbey –

Written by the late Fr. John Baptist Hasbrouck for our Abbey’s jubilee of foundation, 1948-98.

12 pages, 8½” x 4¼” Third printing. 25¢


– Guadalupe’s Pecos Years –

Our seven years New Mexico, with accounts of nearby sites, institutions, and best-remembered monks.

Available for reprinting-on-demand:

126 pages, 8½” x 4¼” $10.00


– Blazing Guadalupe’s Oregon Trail –

Fr. Matthew Cole’s memories of preparing our Oregon land for our move up from New Mexico (1953-55).

Second printing: 20 pages 8½” x 4¼” 25¢


– Pew-makers of Guadalupe Abbey –

Story of our carpentry shop – long our main industry, written by its founder at his 80th birthday.

24 pages 8½” x 4¼” 25¢


– Story of a Soul – and Body –

Conversion, war experience, and vocation of Fr John Baptist, Prior for 32 years; author of Short History.

56 pages, 8.5” x 4.25” 50¢


– Alllll…..Right –

Life of the beloved Prior of our New Mexico years, who authored Pew-makers of Guadalupe Abbey.

28 pages, 8.5″ x 4.25″ 25¢.



Available Electronically (gratis) Or all combined as a bound Print-on-Demand ($10)


– Folk Lore of the Guadalupe Forest –

Accounts of the more-or-less legendary characters living on the Abbey Land from 1834 to the 1920s.


– The Trappist Abbey Ranch –

Final years of our personal farming of our land, written by former the former farm manager.


– Pioneer of the Guadalupe Forest –

Br. Clarence’s sister’s account of their childhood on an Oklahoma farm. The story of his forest work is still pending.


– Life of Br. Leonard Luberts –

From his saintly mother’s arrival on an orphan train to his peaceful death in a rest home.



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Fr. Joseph Benedict Donnelly, 1916-2017

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