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The Trappist Series: the Order 1660 to present

(1) Early La Trappe (late 1600s)


– Rancé’s Regulations –

A straightforward guide to novices on how to fit in harmoniously at each stage of the monastic day. It was leaked to the press in 1690 by a departing novice keen to share its unpretentious eagerness.

xxviii + 92 pp., with illustrations taken from old prints. $5.00.


– Mini-Biographies of Men Dying at La Trappe –

From 1675 to 1700 many young monks died of TB, prompting these exquisite obituaries.

A French-English edition has 6 mini-pages of French per letter-sized page, plus an English summary.

xl + 268 pages 11” x 8½”: $15


The English-only edition has 40 pages of those summaries (one English line for each French paragraph). Full English translation of nine of the mini-biographies, some of them annotated. This is part of the offer made below under the title La Val Sainte.

xl pages 11” x 8½”: $2.00


(2) Revolutionary Period (1789-1850)


– La Val Sainte: Augustin de Lestrange’s Narrative Introduction to his Usages of 1794 –

Written by the leader of the Trappist Odyssey during an idyllic respite in Switzerland.

Not an existing pamphlet, but now offered as an attachment or a bound print-on-demand. This is the other part of the offer made below under the title Mini-Biographies. The attachments are gratis; the printing & simple binding total $10.


– Steppingstones –

Translations of articles of Jérôme de Halgoüet on the adventures of Trappists throughout this period.

viii + 268 pp. 11” x 8.5: $15.00


(3) Recent Period (1892 to the Present)


– Folk Geography of Cistercian USA –

Two-page descriptions of the 22 Cistercian houses of men or women in the USA, as of the late 1980s.

Only the Spanish edition remains in print:

56 pages 8½” x 4¼”: $4 apiece


– Tarzan and Teresita –

First Filipino Trappist, a teenaged guerilla hero in WW II, who died as a junior under Thomas Merton.

ii + 120 pp., 8½” x 4¼” . $5.00.


-The Monks of Jordan, 1904-2004 –

A richly documented centennial history of exiled French Trappists who settled in Oregon (1904-14).

vi + 150 pp. 8½” x 4¼” clothbound: $8.00.



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