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The Cistercian Series: the Order 1098 to 1300

(1) Early Cîteaux (1098-1200)


– Cîteaux Under Alberic –

An article translated from the German by Fr Bede Lackner (with appendices added). It is readable and not weakened by the recent controversies about early Cîteaux.

96 pages, 8¼” x 4¼”: $5.00 each.


– Ancient Usages of Cîteaux –

A handbook of duties of individuals and officers throughout the day & the year (Ecclesiastica Officia (1185). A matter-of-fact and detailed portrayal of early Cistercian life.

xx + 122 pages 11” x 8.5”: $10.00 each.


– Life of Bernard of Clairvaux –

William of St Thierry’s classic account, plus selections from other slightly later accounts.

vii + 125 pages 8½” x 4¼”: $7.00 each.


(2) The Villers Period

(c. 1200 to c. 1300)


– Send Me God –

Lives of a nun, a lay brother, and a choir monk all written in the 1230’s.

Ida the Compassionate of Nivelles: the Latin original keeps close to the oral style of the eye-witnesses.

Arnulf the Wagoneer: an austere, illiterate distributor of alms, renowned for his intercessory prayer.

Abundus the Choir Monk: a lover of the liturgy and close friend of the author.


Originally published as separate pamphlets, it is now one paperback from Penn State Press. 308 pages, 9” x 6”: $18 (taking advantage of “author’s discount”).


– Pining for the Eucharist –

The lives of quite different nuns, in quite different styles, by quite different authors.

Alice the Leper: a nun isolated with leprosy but yearning for community and Eucharist: $3.00

Ida the Gentle of Léau: a learned nun, ecstatic at the Eucharist, lovingly upheld by her fellow nuns: $5.00

Ida the Eager of Louvain: a wealthy city-dwelling virgin, who spends her final years as a nun. $5.00



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