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The Guadalupe Series: printed texts and studies

– Guadalupe from the Aztec –

First direct translation from Nahuatl into English, designed to capture the sonority of the original; illustrated with monochromes made by permission from Jean Charlot’s paintings.

Economy Edition, for devotees who wish to distribute copies gratis to friends: 24 pages, 8½” x 4¼”: 50¢ each; 20 copies for $5.

Scholars’ Edition, with fuller introduction and linguistic footnotes. xxii + 34 pages, 8½” x 4¼”: $2.00 each.


– In Search of Juan Diego –

Selected literary and artistic approaches to the new Saint.

40 pages, 8½” x 4¼”: 50¢ each; 20 copies for $5.


-First Printed Account of Guadalupe –

Narrative parts of Miguel Sánchez’ Imagen (1648) paired with its popularization by Mateo de la Cruz (1660).

xx + 60 pages, 8.5” x 7”: $3.00 each.


– Guadalupe for Anglos –

Issue #1, – The Guadalupe Story in “barroom-ballad” style, by a soldier-turned-Trappist, – plus: an Australian Air Force Nurse’s account of her pilgrimage to Tepeyac.

36 pages 8½” x 4¼”: $1.50 each.


Issue #2: – Short Biographies of Four Pioneer Devotees of Guadalupe among Anglos: Fr George Lee (1897); Frances Parkinson Keyes (1940); Donald Demarest & Coley Taylor (1956).

iv + 44 pages, 8½” x 4¼”: $1.50 each.


– The Mystery of Things –

A murder mystery with a Guadalupan theme by Debra Murphy. Set in a Shakespearean Seminar in Milwaukee, WI.

A brilliant British actor discovers the effect of Guadalupan devotion on family life.

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