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Monastic Life Retreat

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In order to share our monastic way of life with anyone who feels called to follow Christ more perfectly, we offer our thirty-day Monastic Life Retreat. The content and atmosphere of this retreat are focused on immersing the retreatant into the living tradition of Western Monasticism in order to deepen and expand his own spiritual journey.

Each monastic life retreatant participates in the liturgy, daily work, and communal life of the monastery while living within the monastic enclosure. Conferences on monastic spirituality and prayer are given by the monks. Meditation periods and Lectio Divina are also part of the daily schedule.

The Monastic Life Retreat is open to those men interested in a closer look at monastic life for purposes of further vocational discernment; and to those who have already discovered their path in life but feel the need for renewal.

The thirty-day Monastic Life Retreat will be offered as need warrants throughout the year.  The number of retreatants per program will be limited to three.  There is no charge for the retreat, as each participant will be earning his room and board through his daily work with the monks.


A Monastic Life Experience:

MLR Michael B., September 2013

MLR Jason Brown, April 2014

MLR David Buttrick, June-July 2015

MLR Ron Walker, August 2015

MLR Edward Christian, October 2015

MLR Jacob Hayden, August 2016

MLR Steve Fawver, Spring 2016


How to Apply:

For both vocational and non-vocational interest & questions:


Please email our Br Chris:


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