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The Community


by Fr. Dismas Gannon

Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Monastery

Founded in 1948 from Our Lady of the Valley in Pecos, New Mexico.
Moved to Oregon in 1955.

When I entered Our Lady of the Valley Monastery in Rhode Island in 1943, the community numbered about 70. In 1947, due to the influx of vocations following World War 2, the number of monks had risen to 130 and the monastery, built for 90, was bursting at the seams. In an historic first, it was decided to make a new foundation called, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to be located in Pecos, New Mexico in a renovated dude ranch. So, in 1948, 34 of us entrained for our new home. Our formal founding date is April 22, 1948.
Over the next seven years our numbers grew to 60 and our Monastery was once again crowded. We had to decide either to build or relocate. Since we had only 50 arable acres at 7100 feet and preferred to earn our living farming, we decided to move. We found our new home in the lush Willamette Valley and transferred the entire community to Lafayette, Oregon on March 1, 1955. Three of our original Founders are still with us, but due to deaths and departures, our community now numbers 32.

Community News & Events

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Fr. Joseph Benedict’s Funeral Mass

Fr. Joseph Benedict Donnelly, 1916-2017

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Fr. Joseph Benedict Donnelly

Fr. Joseph Benedict Donnelly, 1916-2017

On March 2nd, 2017 at approximately 11:50 pm, our Fr. Joseph died quietly in bed. Fr. Joseph was...

Ash Wednesday – 2017

Ash Wednesday Homily

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