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Br Clarence Schneider

Posted on August 18th, by Br. CB in Community News & Events. 4 comments

Br. Clarence Schneider, 1922-2016

On August 15th, 2016, the solemnity of the Assumption, our Br. Clarence died quietly in our infirmary.  Br. Clarence was a good and holy man who gave his life to our Lord in giving his life to his monastic community.  We deeply appreciate your prayers for our deceased brother.

Most Gratefully,

The Monks of Guadalupe Abbey

4 thoughts on “Br Clarence Schneider

  1. I was Br. Clarence’s spiritual director for several years while at the Abbey and was so surprised when he first asked me; more stunned, actually. He felt I “had experience” due to my years as a diocesan priest. He gave me more, however, by his transparent humility. Whenever I found myself at the Abbey on retreat, he always sought me out, as he did this past March. I’m glad for this last exchange. With Clarence you never quite knew what would come out of his mouth for discussion.. Usually, it was one-sided! Yet, this last time we talked over my own discernment and he said to me, “I don’t envy you one bit!” I guess he was being supportive in his rather blunt, Okie kind of way. I do remember him telling me about his return to monastic life after being away a few years himself; how he sat on the bus taking him back and as he kept saying to himself, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ” over and over, like a prayer. I envied his clarity.
    Thank you Br.Clarence, for your years with us and your fidelity to God. May some of the serenity and joy you now share with Br. John, Br.Gerard and all the rest spill over on to us by your intercessory prayer.

    Fr. Tim Clark

  2. Br. Clarence truly was good and holy. I loved working with him in the forest. We prayed the Rosary together. He was a brother to me. For me, he epitomized the Cistercian lay brother.

  3. I was honored to speak with Brother Clarence about his days as forest manager while visiting the monastery as an MLR and researcher. I am grateful for his kind heart and interest in my work. I learned a lot from his simplicity and work ethic.

  4. My name is Ginny Schofield, and Br. Clarence was my third cousin. I had heard about him from my Mom for years, but I didn’t have any contact with him until several years ago. We began with exchanging letters, then I would write, and he would call me, as it was getting difficult for him to physically write letters. We enjoyed our exchanges immensely. He taught me some Schneider family history I never knew. He helped me deepen my own faith with his humility and child-like beliefs. He was never afraid to die. He looked forward to someday being brought into God’s Kingdom and being reunited with his family and friends who had gone before him. His love of life and family and nature was an inspiration to me. Towards the end, he got me and my brother in touch with his niece in Texas who has some more family history, which we are deeply interested in. We now have another relative to correspond with we didn’t know existed.

    I will always be grateful for my conversations with Br. Clarence. Even though we never met in person, I came to love him very much. I hope to meet him myself someday should I be fortunate enough to earn my own Heavenly reward. I know he is now healthy, happy, and alive in a new way with our Heavenly Father and His Son. I will never forget him. May God keep him in His loving arms.

    I’d like to know if there is some place I could offer a monetary memorial in his name for the Abbey or for some cause or charity he was close to. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

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