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Trappist Abbey News: 12-19-2013

Posted on December 19th, by Br. CB in Community News & Events. 12 comments

Community News:
The Archbishops Visit & The Guadalupe Day Homily:

With the arrival of December, well kind of late December now, we once again have post-able news!

On Saturday, December 7th, Archbishop Alexander Sample made his first visit to our community.  The Archbishop was the main presider at mass, gave us a chapter talk, and ate Dinner with us.  I’d definitely say it was exciting to have him with us, as he proved to be a most affable guest.  The morning was sunny and chilly providing for a light filled ambiance at Mass.  Archbishop Alexander spoke analogously of our community as a power house of prayer and a boiler room for the Church.  It was a fine homily indeed!  At Chapter, he spoke impromptu on his past and how he came to be Archbishop of Portland.  It was good to get a deeper sense of him, who he is, and what he hopes to achieve in the future.  Our local Church is in good hands.  Dinner was low key and a most enjoyable affair.

On Thursday, December 12th, a great number of our friends joined us for our annual Guadalupe Day Celebration.  An especially welcome presence was our main presider and old friend, Archbishop Vlazny.  He was in warm, funny, and a master homilist.  We offer you the opportunity to read his homily here:


The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Homily by Archbishop John Vlazny


After mass, we had a festive meal with our friends accompanied with music by Raul, Margarita, and Bernardo Gomez.  It was a wonderful day indeed.

At Present, we are looking forward to Christmas.  We hope to see you here!

In Christ,

Br. CB

12 thoughts on “Trappist Abbey News: 12-19-2013

  1. I ordered your 3lb fruitcake from Amizon. My wife and I both love fruitcakes and we agree this one is the best one we have ever tasted. We are both in our 70’s and have tasted a lot of fruitcakes. 🙂

    Merry Christmas from Salvisa, KY
    Harold & Faye

  2. Last Thanksgiving my husband and I spent a wonderful two days visiting you, we wished we could stayed longer.

    My husband love your fruit cake as well and every time we have the opportunity to visit, he buys several and now our daughter in law who lives in Florida also enjoy your fruit cake.

    Merry Christmas from Seattle

  3. I’m looking forward to spending the month of March with all of you again, as I did last March on the MLR. I pray you are all well and Bro. John doesn’t work me to hard.

    See you in March, God Bless!
    Deacon Charley,

  4. I am not sure if this is the correct avenue to make a prayer request? I apologize if it is not!
    I ‘m requesting prayers for my foster-father, Maurice Van Loo of Hillsboro, Oregon. I know he loved coming to the abbey and said it was something he wished he could have continued to enjoy. Maurice (Dad) is 971/2 and has recently had a stoke this past week. I visited him in the hospital the other day…He is still talking about his visits at the Trappist Abbey.
    If you can remember him in community prayer, it is most appreciated. I am speaking for and through Dad when I say, God Bless You and Your Community.
    Respectfully, your brother in Christ Jesus.
    Brother Junipero Serra Salquenettii, B.S.M.
    Benedictine Servants of Mary

    • Thank you for entrusting your prayer intentions to us Br. Junipero. Our prayers for your foster-father, Maurice. His love for our community is a beautiful thing to read about!

      Br. Chris

  5. I just left the Abbey this morning having finished a 3 day retreat. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all of God’s grace that was showered on me during this time. Thank you dear Brothers and Fathers for creating this space of Quiet and Beauty where we can refresh our spirit. Your chanting lifts us Godward!
    May each of you be blessed abundantly.


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